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7 Profitable Table Tennis Betting Strategies

Most table tennis strategies are implemented live, which is dictated by the nature of this discipline. Below we offer a list of tactics based on observations and trends.

Handicap betting at the end of the game

The lion’s share of games ends with the victory of the player who first scored 10 points and reached the set point. More than a third of sets end already at the first set point. And it can be used in bets.

Your task is to bet with a handicap (in a set) on the player who first got to 10 points.For example, the bet is the victory of player 1 with a handicap of -3.5 with a score of 10:7. If player 1 wins the next draw, she will play. The number of such bets in one match is equal to the number of sets.

You can sharpen this for several catch-up options:

  • bet only on the handicap that breaks the first time (number of bets = number of sets). For example: you took -3.5 at 10:7 and the score became 10:8. Then you need to wait for a new set;
  • continue to bet on the handicapped player to win the set, even after losing a bet in the previous hand. For example: you bet -3.5 at 10-7, but the score became 10:8. Now you bet -2.5.

Total betting strategy

A potentially profitable total betting strategy in table tennis is based on the principle of “reverse”. The bettor needs to wait for the situation when two games in a row pass under or over, and in the next set bet on the opposite outcome.

For example: the first two sets of the meeting ended with a high total (20 or more). Then in the third set we bet on TM 18.5 (if the coefficient is not lower than 1.85) or TM 19.5 (if the coefficient is not lower than 1.5).

Betting strategy for the lagging favorite

Skillful infobusinessmen in the field of betting even manage to sell this strategy to beginners. The essence is as follows: to bet on the victory of the favorite in a set with a handicap (-2.5) after he lost the last game. By points:

  • The coefficient on the favorite before the match was in the range from 1.15 to 1.3;
  • The favorite is not inferior to the andredog in personal meetings;
  • The favorite lost the last game;
  • Odds for winning a set with a handicap (-2.5) of at least 1.70.

Odd betting strategy

When a table tennis game reaches a score of 10-10, the player who first scores 2 points in a row, for example 12-10 or 15-13, wins. This rule allows you to use the strategy of betting on an even number of points in the game.

Indeed, with a score of 9-9, the victory of this outcome is guaranteed, since the game will end either 11-9 in favor of one of the players or with the balance won (over/under), which means that an even number of points will be guaranteed to be scored.

The tactic of betting on an even number of points is applicable if tennis players play tightly in the game and have already reached a score of 5-5, 6-7 or are at a later stage. The closer the score is to 9-9, the lower the even odds become.

This strategy makes sense only with a coefficient of at least 1.7. If it is less, it will be very difficult to win on the even betting strategy. The essence of the strategy:

  • Wait for a tight count towards the end of the set;
  • Make a bet on even with a coefficient of 1.7 or more;
  • Catch up in the following games when losing.

Table tennis is a very dynamic discipline, which makes it suitable for scalping. Scalping is a trading technique, the essence of which is to fix a small profit in a short time.

In bets, instead of stock quotes, bettors work with odds. And in table tennis, they regularly “jump”, which is very useful for scalping.

Basic example: tennis player A and tennis player B are playing. Bookmaker odds for winning the first set: A – 2.5, B – 1.6. You bet 1,000 rubles on the victory of player A.

After four draws, tennis player A led 3:1, the odds for his victory in the set fell to 1.7, for the victory of the game by the opponent rose to 2.2. It’s time to take profits by resorting to “overlapping”. You need to bet 1136 rubles on the victory of player B at a coefficient of 2.2. Possible options:

  • The game was won by player A;
  • The game was won by player B.
  • Where did the number 1136 come from? It is calculated using the arb calculator.

The logical question is: what if player B had led immediately? Then we will have a whole batch in the “reserve”. And the ratio can change in a profitable direction. When scalping, it is important to set a stop loss (the maximum possible loss), and carefully select events.

Strategy for total by sets

This strategy is for pre-match bets. Moreover, it is suitable only for the initial stages of tournaments. The bottom line: to bet on the fact that in the matches of the first rounds there will be no dry score (3:0 or 4:0, depending on the format of the tournament).

At the same time, there is a filter for matches: the odds for the favorite must be no higher than 1.3. In this case, a bet on TB 3.5 (if the match is played up to three wins) or TB 4.5 (up to four) will not be based on a meager odds.

The logic of the methodology: in the debut of the competition, the favorites rarely give all the best. Firstly, they only roll into the competitive rhythm. Secondly, they play on the opponent, making exactly as much effort as necessary to win.

Let’s analyze the results of the German Open 2020. In 16 matches of the first round, there were seven clean sheets (4-0), and in the second round, none of the eight meetings had a clean sheet. It turns out, only 7 out of 24 “dry” matches. And this despite the fact that in the last six meetings of the competition the score was 4-0 three times.

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