Basketball betting: what you need to know to win P.2

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Understanding basketball, you also need to know what you can bet on in a match, as well as what this or that bet means.

The main types of basketball bets


The bettor here bets on the winner of the game. In painting, the rate is indicated by the standard ones: P1, X, P2.Please note that some bookmakers a priori offer only W1 and W2 options – these are bets taking into account overtime. Regular time bets and overtime bets are two different bets!


This is a bet that the selected team will win or draw in regular time of the match. In the painting, these bets are indicated: 1X – the 1st team will not lose, 2X – the 2nd team will not lose, 12 – one of the clubs will win.


If the bet on an outcome is not very profitable due to the presence of an obvious favorite, you can improve the odds by using a handicap bet.

Or, with the help of a handicap, improve the odds for the outcome. This is done with the help of a minus handicap to the prospective winner or a plus handicap to an outsider.

Total over/under

This is a bet on the number of points scored in a match. In the line it is designated: TB or TM. It can be general (the sum of points scored by 2 clubs), individual (of a specific team).

Accordingly, depending on the value you choose and the outcome, the teams must either score more than this number or less.

Please note: if there are integer values ​​in the list, for example, TO (160) and exactly 160 points were scored in the match, then you will receive a return on the bet.

On a quarter

Also, the capper can bet on the outcome / handicap / total and so on in a specific quarter.

Combined rates

In such forecasts, a bettor, confident in the result, can conclude the outcome of 2 completely extraneous events. Basketball bets include:

  • the team will win the match and the first half (quarter);
  • which team will win the game and the total of the meeting.


Bets on points have a fairly wide range and choice of them. Here the player must guess:

  • which team will score points first;
  • which team will win the race up to N number of points (up to 5, 10, 20, 30, etc.);
  • the team that wins by the exact score difference.

This bet is similar to a bet with a handicap, but here the capper must fall into the exact range at all (1-5, 6-10, 11-15, etc.).

2-Point/Three-Point/Free Throws

By analogy with betting on teams, the bettor can bet on which team will score more two-point shots, or on the total/individual total of free throws in the match.

Statistics (individual, team)

In addition, you have the opportunity to bet in basketball on an individual or team outcome/handicap/total on such outcomes as:

  • rebounds;
  • transfers;
  • block shots;
  • fouls;
  • losses;
  • intercepts.

Please note that here you can bet not only the indicator of one of the teams (or overall), on and specifically on the statistics of a particular basketball player.

Long term rates

With long-term bets, the bettor can make a bet with a bookmaker on the winner of the championship or on which team will advance to the next stage of the playoffs.

Also, some bookmakers may offer bets where it is proposed to guess how many games in the regular season the club will win, or whether this or that league record will be broken.

Live basketball betting

Recall that at the same time there are 5 people from each team on the court who, for 10 minutes (in the NBA 12), are trying to throw the ball into the ring in only one quarter.

At the same time, only 24 seconds are given for a continuous attack of one club. Therefore, basketball can definitely be called a dynamic sport that is replete with frequent changes in game situations and unexpected tactical turns.

Along with this, the betting options also change rapidly. For example, literally in a minute the total can grow by 3-5 points or the handicap for one of the teams will change by several points.

The same applies to coefficients. In just a couple of minutes, quotes can rise or fall, and therefore the probability of a particular outcome will change.

Therefore, first of all, be sure to watch the broadcast of the game. The picture itself will make it possible to understand how the pace of the game has changed, what tactical instructions the mentor gave during the break and who is on the floor at the moment.

And don’t forget to keep a cool head. Still, dynamically changing odds make you act quickly, but remember that haste without pragmatism will only bring losses.

Also look at the statistics of the implementation of 2-point and 3-point shots, and basketball players who are now on the court. After all, perhaps the coach at the moment decided to give rest to his leaders, which can significantly change the course of the match.

For live betting, do not forget to choose a bookmaker with a high-quality wide line, as well as high odds on live betting. Use one of the live basketball betting strategies. It can also help to increase your winnings significantly.

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