Table tennis betting strategies P.1

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Table tennis is inferior to football, basketball, tennis and several other disciplines in terms of demand among bookmaker players. This is more of a niche discipline in which “specialists” are able to make solid profits.

Their success is largely due to the use of the right tactics and strategies for betting on tennis. And in this material, we will take a closer look at the approaches to betting on this sport.

Table tennis betting features

Before considering specific systems and strategies, let’s highlight the important nuances and features from the point of view of betting:

  • Match format. Depending on the level of the competition, matches can be played up to wins in three (Bo5) or four (Bo7) sets. In matches with a longer format, drops happen more often. And there is always a winner in a match, which a priori simplifies the analysis process;
  • Minimal influence of external factors. Wind, humidity, climate, coverage affect the layouts in tennis. In the “small” their influence is zero, since the meetings are held indoors;

  • Discharge. Games are played in singles (men’s, women’s), doubles and mixed (mixed) categories. The probability of sensations in pairs is traditionally higher;
  • Sharpening under LIVE. Table tennis is very dynamic – three rallies often fit into 60 seconds. Odds during matches constantly jump, the duration of the meetings is short (usually invested in 60 minutes), plus there is a “balance” in the sets. This makes tabletop a good option for live;
  • Structure “Matryoshka”. Draw-party-match. Such a structure automatically means the presence of additional options in the list: the outcome of the point, betting on sets, and so on.

Recall that in 2011, changes were made to the format of official table tennis matches: parties play up to 11 points (previously played up to 21). This has seriously affected the approach of bettors when betting on this sport.

What do you bet on in table tennis?

You can place bets in table tennis on the following markets:

  • Winning a match;
  • victory in the party;
  • Handicap by sets;
  • Total by sets;
  • Total points per game;
  • Individual total points;
  • Race to the nth number of points scored;
  • Race to n-th number of won sets;
  • Accurate score during the match or after the n-th number of games;
  • Will there be a balance or not (more/less);
  • Who will earn the next point in the set;
  • Combined outcomes, for example, total over 18.5 and player 1 wins, set/match;
  • and other rare markets that are found in individual bookmakers.

Calculation of bets in table tennis

The rules for calculating bets on table tennis depend on each specific bookmaker, but most of the points are the same in all bookmakers:

  • Depending on the rules of the competition, the game can last up to 5 or 7 sets, that is, up to 3 or 4 victories of one of the athletes (it is important to take this into account when betting on totals and odds);
  • In the event of an early end of the match after the completion of at least one set, bets on outcomes are considered valid, and all other bets are settled with odds of 1 (except for already settled bets);
  • In case of early end of the game before the completion of the first set, all bets on it are returned, excluding already settled bets, for example, on TB points in the first set;
  • Calculation of bets on outcomes and handicaps is made after the end of the match, regardless of the current score (usually calculation takes place within 5-15 minutes);
  • Calculation of bets on totals more and other similar outcomes occurs immediately after they are won;
  • If fixed matches are detected, the bookmaker can calculate the bet on them with a coefficient of 1 even after the actual passage or loss of the bet.
  • As for the calculation of live bets, it often also takes place within 5-15 minutes after the end of the match.

It is worth noting that sometimes the calculation of won bets can take up to several hours, in such situations it is better to contact the BC support service. As a rule, this happens when the bookmaker checks information regarding the results of the match.

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