Forecast for the match Castellon – Alheesiras

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Betting offers Castellon – Algeciras:

Castellon win – 2.27, draw – 3, Algeciras win – 3.065

Prediction for the match Castellon – Algeciras (Spanish Championship, national championship match, Sunday, September 22):The Castellon football club received from the bookmakers a quote of 2.27 for its victory, and at a coefficient of 3.065 you can bet on the victory of FC Algeciras. Quote accepts bets on a draw.

Pre-match analysis and forecasts of bookmakers

For the team of Castellon and the team of Algeciras, which will play each other in the next match of the championship, the meeting will be of principle.

Both clubs significantly intensified in the offseason, which means that the leadership set high goals for the teams.This match will determine the readiness of the teams for the season and the struggle for high places in the championship, so the Castellon team and the Alkhesiras team will act extremely carefully on the field, first of all, thinking about the defense of their own gates.

Although, if we consider the matches of the teams last season, they always acted with an eye on the defense, but at the same time they managed to score to the rivals a lot of goals.

But now the match is a completely different plan, so the most likely bet here will be the rate on the total of less scored heads. But the favorite in such a confrontation is very difficult to determine. In fact, besides the advantage of their field, the Castellon team has nothing more.

Opponents are not inferior to each other in the selection of players, and in coordinated actions on the field. This means that the outcome of the match can solve one exact blow, so it is difficult to give preference to any of the rivals. But what you can talk about confidently is about the number of yellow cards.

Opponents will try to tear each other’s attacks in the center of the field, which will lead to a large number of violations. Given the status of the match, the referee will be forced to punish the rude warnings, so this bet is quite justified.

Castellon Forecast – Alkheisiras (August 30, 2018), bets and coefficients

Castellon football club fans promise on 04/29/2022 to actively support their favorite team, because it has a difficult game, as the Alkhesiras club football players come to visit.

This year, the rivals have not yet met, and in the past there were two matches in which the teams exchanged home victories.

Castellon – Algeciras. Forecast and betting on the match.

A huge number of football fans will follow the confrontation between Castellon and Algeciras, which can decide the fate of a ticket to European competition.

Since the match is scheduled for 04/29/2022, the players of both teams still have enough time to prepare and rest. For the third time these opponents meet within the framework of this season, and in the first two meetings there was one minimum victory for each team.

Statistics and personal meetings

The Castellon team comes into the match with their opponents in great shape. The home team played great pre-season matches.

According to the club’s manager, even the rookies were able to prove themselves, demonstrating that they are quite capable of being in the starting lineup and benefiting the team.

In the opening matches of the championship, the club also demonstrated good teamwork, which allowed them to score points and take a leading position in the standings.

It is quite fair that the Castellon team is the favorite in the match with the players of the Algeciras team. Guests are now experiencing certain problems.

The team is just entering the season so far, it is clear that not all the players have yet reached their optimal shape, so the club does not yet have the results that the management and manager expect from it.

No, the Algeciras team is not an outsider, it’s just that the players have not reached their peak of form yet. Based on this, our forecasters believe that in this confrontation you need to bet not only on the victory of the Castellon team, but also try to play their handicap.

A good bet in this match, we see a bet on the individual total of goals scored by the home team. The excellent form of the players of the Castellon team will allow them to break through the total announced by the bookmakers, which will bring profit to bettors.

And another good bet in this match is the total number of yellow cards. Both clubs have never been known for their correct play, and in face-to-face confrontations they always received a lot of warnings, we think that in this match the total yellow cards will be broken by more.

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