Basketball betting: what you need to know to win P.1

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For those who like to bet on sports, basketball is one of the most attractive sports. This is due to a number of reasons.
But betting on basketball, like on any other sport, will bring good luck and financial benefits only if you understand this type of betting well.

Betting features of basketball: rules, leagues, tournament motivation

Before understanding the details of how to bet on basketball, it is important to study the rules of this team game and the specifics of different leagues and tournaments.

All these moments have a decisive influence on the choice of successful betting tactics and strategies.

Basketball rules important for successful betting:

  • There is no point in going into the rules of the game in detail, but it is important to emphasize the specific points that allow you to make the most correct bets on basketball. Important:
  • There are only 5 people from each team on the court. In this regard, it is important to know the form of the main players, especially the leaders. The collective result often depends on them.
  • Quarters and overtime. Each confrontation consists of at least 4 halves. This allows you to build profitable betting tactics in each match. Convenient for playing in LIVE mode.
  • Different quarter lengths. It is important to know in which championships a quarter lasts 10, and in which – 12 minutes. This especially affects the totals.
  • Regular championships and knockout tournaments. Depending on the stage of the competition, the tournament motivation of each club is also determined. This must be taken into account when calculating how to bet on basketball correctly.
  • Fouls and tense endings. The accumulation of violations leads to the fact that free throws are awarded for any foul. Often this affects the result at the end of the match.
  • Knowing the peculiarities of how professionals play basketball, online bets can be made with a high percentage of passability.

What leagues are most often chosen by bettors for betting on basketball

The most popular type of betting in basketball is betting on NBA (National Basketball Association) matches. This is a tournament of professional teams representing different American cities.

The popularity of the NBA is due to the perfect combination of sports and show components of each match. The best players in the world play here, thanks to which there are a huge number of fans of this league in many countries.Bookmakers take this into account by offering wide ranges and good odds on the NBA.

For amateur and professional handicappers, the following leagues may also be of interest:

  • national of different countries (knowing about the specifics of the championship in your country or being a fan of a particular club, you can calculate with a high degree of success how to win on basketball bets);
  • European men’s and women’s leagues and cups (Euroleague, European Cup and FIBA, VTB United League, etc.);
  • Asian championships – China, South Korea, Philippines (each of the championships has its own betting trends);
  • The American University League NCAA (it differs from the NBA in a greater difference in the skill of the teams – there are often outright outsiders and favorites here).

The choice of a suitable championship most often depends on the individual preferences and awareness of the better.

How to choose a bookmaker for betting on basketball

Beginners in betting often face the difficult question of which bookmaker to choose for betting on basketball, as well as what you need to pay attention to when choosing an office.

And this is undoubtedly a very important point for profitable basketball betting. When choosing a bookmaker, be sure to pay attention to:


So, the margin of offices in betting on basketball is usually 4-8%. The lower it is, the more profit you can get. According to this parameter, we advise you to pay close attention to the Marathon bookmaker. The average margin of the company is 4%, and on some events you can bet even with a margin of 0%.


Of course, in every betting shop you will find basketball bets. Companies are trying to follow the interests of the public, expanding the number of championships and matches.

However, out of all the variety of bookmakers, we would pay attention to Betsity. In addition to the popular bets on the NBA and the VTB United League, you can find any other championship here, including the minor leagues.

So, in “Betcity” you can find the championships of Poland, Germany, Spain, and even Hungary, Hong Kong or Panama. In this aspect, the bookmaker outperforms most of its competitors.


Not always, in order to make a profit, you must bet on outcomes or totals. Many even specialize in small markets.And then it is necessary to select an office with a wider painting. And in this regard, “1xBet” will help you.Here, in addition to the usual line, you can find bets on fouls, rebounds, assists, and more.


Sometimes it is important, being a client of a bookmaker, not only to play in it, but also to receive benefits for it.

Betting limit

which are a particularly important aspect for big players. In this regard, we can advise the “League of Stavok”, which makes it possible to bet a large amount even on not the most popular event in the line.

Availability of a mobile application.

For convenient and comfortable rates, including at night.

Line output speed.

It will allow you to catch interesting odds on the early line.

In order to facilitate your choice, we have collected the best bookmakers for betting on basketball.

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