Commercial table tennis bets

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Some table tennis tournaments are organized by commercial organizations. Setka Cup and Liga Pro are considered the most authoritativ.

Setka Cup is an international platform that develops table tennis, tennis and beach volleyball. Commercial tournaments under the auspices of this organization are held daily.

Should I bet on commercial table tennis tournaments?

Almost all commercial table tennis tournaments are quite unpredictable, as many amateur players take part in them. In addition, the likelihood of fixed matches in such competitions is higher, and statistical information for the analysis of fights is not enough.

Although both Setka Cup and Liga Pro declare that they are “fighting” against unscrupulous players. Tennis players caught on a contract are eliminated from organizations.

Despite this, bets on the Setka Cup and Liga Pro tournaments take place – bookmakers often incorrectly set inflated odds for certain athletes, and sensational outcomes often happen here.

If you decide to bet on commercial competitions:

  • It is better to choose matches in which participants with a large number of matches play;
  • Try to avoid cross-gender matches (a girl plays against a man), in view of their unusualness;
  • Don’t ignore underdog bets because of the high frequency of sensational outcomes;
  • See the statistical information and ratings of athletes on the official websites of the Setka Cup and Liga Pro organizations;
  • Do not bet on matches of low-ranking tennis players due to the likelihood of a contractual nature of the fights;
  • Conduct a thorough analysis before making any bet, and when betting live, watch the online broadcast (on the bookmaker’s website or the organization’s YouTube channel).

Nevertheless, we advise you to treat bets on commercial tennis with caution. Most of the athletes know each other well, and from the organizations themselves there is a trail, if not of blackness, then of something gray.

It is difficult to conduct any analysis here – there is not much information, the turnover of players is high. And the motivation of the participants themselves is at least controversial – the prize money inside the tournaments is low. As we have already noted, these organizations would not exist without bookmakers.

Table Tennis Betting Tips

Use the entire BC line. Often the same outcome is hidden in different selections with different odds. For example: a bet on TM 19.5 with a score of 10-7 can be placed as a handicap (-3.5) or even.

Do not rush to bet on a clear favorite before the start of the match. The odds are often unreasonably small. Wait for the live to start. Already at the start of matches, odds can grow.

Don’t bet on even/odd before the game starts because it’s like playing roulette. Wait until the situation (near the end of the set) when the choice of parity becomes justified.

Separate set from set. If one of the opponents calmly wins one set, then the second, this does not mean that he will take the third just as easily. Tennis is a very dynamic sport and one or two lost points can decide the outcome of the entire set, and the player you bet on may decide not to waste energy and nerves in this draw and tune in to the next set.

Pay attention to the behavior of players in video broadcasts of tennis matches. Often tennis players lose not because of lack of skill, but because of not the best psychological attitude. These players yell a lot, talk to themselves, gesticulate nervously, and make a lot of similar gestures that suggest that it is better to bet against them and expect the game to continue in the same spirit.

Filter events. If you decide to bet on a small tournament match, then keep in mind the high probability of surprises and even the potentially negotiable nature of the meetings.

Table tennis, among other sports in the BC line, stands out for its sharpness for live.

This is the most dynamic discipline in which events and odds change very quickly. This feature opens up additional opportunities for bettors: the use of scalping, corridors, and the implementation of quick catch-ups.

At the same time, the “table” remains a weak point for many bookmakers – often absurd odds appear in the line. This gives a window of opportunity for those who are really good at the sport.

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