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Popular hockey betting strategies

The interest of bettors in hockey gives rise to a huge number of strategies in hockey betting. Some of them are absolutely useless, but others can bring significant profit. Let’s look at some of them.

Total over 1.5 in the 3rd period in live

The essence of the strategy is already clear from the title. The capper makes a bet that 2 or more goals will be scored in the final period. The logic here is quite simple.

At the end of the game, the intensity of passions increases, especially if one of the clubs leads in the account. In addition, there is a high probability that one of the opponents will remove the goalkeeper. And let’s not forget about team fatigue.

Tips on when you can bet on a similar outcome:

  • The ideal situation would be when one of the teams leads with a difference of 2 goals. In this case, the inferior team needs to win back the difference of 2 goals, go on the offensive earlier and open up more often. Plus, with a difference of two goals, the goalkeeper is often removed;
  • The teams did not break through the initial total of the meeting;
  • The coefficient at the rate is 1.75 and higher;
  • The away underdog leads the score. In this case, the hosts, driven by their fans, will go on the offensive and do everything possible to recoup and win the match;
  • Replacement of the main goalkeeper during the game or his absence from the first minutes.

Betting on a draw in hockey by period

Pretty peculiar, but having a place in life strategy. Here the capper bets on a draw in each period until the bet wins. In this case, if you lose a bet, the amount of the next one is doubled.

And yet, we recall that betting on the Martingale strategy is highly risky. In this local case, it was possible to make a profit after the third bet, however, an unsuccessful series may drag on and the winnings can be received only from the 6th or 7th bet. And this means that with the same success you can lose all the money in the account.

Tips for betting on a draw in hockey:

  • Choose “grassroots” championships, as well as clubs that show low performance;
  • It is desirable that both teams were on a drawless series;
  • Carefully study the starting lineups before the game. If the head coach of one of the squads rotates the main team, it is better to skip such a meeting;
  • The coefficient on X must be at least 2.0;
  • Beware of duels in which one of the teams plays the second match in a row in a few days. In this case, the concentration of this team even for one period may not be enough.

Total over 3.5 in live

In this strategy, the capper must bet on “TB 3.5” at the beginning of the second period. However, in order to take such a bet, the meeting must be suitable according to certain parameters.

Criteria for choosing a match:

  • In the five previous games, both teams had to score 4 or more goals together with the opponent in at least 8 out of 10 matches (we consider the last 5 matches of the hosts and guests);
  • In the first period, 1 puck must be scored;
  • The coefficient on the rate “TB 3.5” is not less than 1.7;
  • In the starting period, the teams shoot at the opponent’s goal (min 7-8 shots from each);
  • Both clubs are interested in winning;
  • The bet is made at the end of the first period, or at the start of the second (still, you can bet at the end of the 2nd period, but it’s a little reckless to expect that 3 or more goals will be scored during the last one).

Pros and cons


Let’s start with a fly in the ointment. Let’s talk about the cons in betting on hockey. These include:

  • Most bookmakers set up high margins, and betting limits are much lower compared to football matches;
  • In championships (and specific games), teams of equal strength are quite often encountered. It is more difficult to find clear favorites here. Although for some this may be a plus;
  • The frequent rotation of units in the game itself makes it difficult to analyze the confrontation in live.
  • Low efficiency. Yes, the average performance of the match is 5-6 goals. And yet it’s still a little. This means that any ricochet or accident can greatly affect the course and even the outcome of the match.

And yet, there are much more advantages to betting on hockey:

  • There is an opportunity to bet on hockey almost all year round;
  • A huge number of matches during the season. The abundance of matches here is observed not only on weekends (as in football), but also on any weekday;
  • High odds on various outcomes
  • Well suited for both pre-match and live betting;
  • A large number of comebacks
  • Dense lighting. There are many news and statistical resources on the web. There are also many cappers who specialize specifically in hockey;
  • The breadth of the painting and a large number of services for analyzing the event.

You can bet on hockey. Especially if you yourself understand this sport and know where to get information about it.The appeal of hockey has created a large number of strategies that can be used in sports betting.

Use them, read forecasts, choose the right bookmakers for betting, use news and statistical sites. And then your chance to play in plus at a distance will seriously increase.

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