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The total area of ​​the City Mall shopping center is 85 840 square meters. m. This is a five -level building – equipped with 18 escalators; Panoramic, sightseeing, passenger and freight elevators (in total 16 pcs.). For motorists, free parking for 1026 is provided and a guarded parking for 322 cars, which is the largest parking within the city.

Without Kevordo


We are a sports shop for the whole family! Everything for sports and outdoor activities – from the simplest sports goods to the technological equipment of the last generation. Over the years, we have been doing everything so that people can truly enjoy an active way of life. Our goal is to provide our buyers with equipment and equipment of excellent quality at affordable prices.

We directly work with the world's largest brands, and for many of them we are the only representatives in the Russian market. For some, sport is a serious climb on the peak, for someone-a light cycling walk. Both are an active lifestyle, and we take this into account in our assortment policy.

We support children's sports hobbies, school programs, traditional and developing sports. Each of our buyer is an athlete, every purchase is a step towards a healthy nation. We carry sport to everyone – on a national scale!

At the same time, we pay great attention to the level of technology of all offered goods, whether it be a children's sports uniform or boots for professional treasury. We know: modern technologies can significantly improve the effectiveness and safety of sports, get maximum pleasure from the movement. And neither we nor our buyers do not agree to half measures!

High quality goods at reasonable prices – this is how our approach to the formation of commodity policy, which we have implemented for many years, can be described.

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