SEC "Rio Leninsky Prospekt" in Moscow: address, clothing stores, opening hours, how to get there, official website of the SEC, product catalog 2022

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Rio Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow – address, opening hours, list of stores in the mall and the most interesting clothes from the catalog

SEC Rio Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow – address and shops

Address of the shopping center Rio Leninsky Prospekt, phone number and map

How to get there:

  • You can get to the Rio Leninsky Prospekt shopping center (stop Obrucheva Street) by the following transport:
  • from the metro station Yugo-Zapadnaya
  • by buses No. H1 (night)
  • from st.m. Kaluga
  • on buses No. 163, 224, 246
  • from st.m. Vernadsky avenue
  • on buses No. 224, 246
  • from st.m. Troparevo
  • on buses No. 144, 553
  • Does the mall have parking
  • There is a car wash in the parking lot.

Rio Leninsky prospect (Moscow) Address: Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 109 +7 (495) 988-51-52 Opening hours: 10.00 – 22.00

A brief overview of the shopping center Rio Leninsky Prospekt

The shopping center Rio is located at the intersection of Leninsky Prospekt and Obruchev Street and accommodates about a hundred stores. A six-level gallery, a lot of light and sparkling advertising, and few people.

In terms of content, Rio Leninsky is inferior to other large shopping centers in Moscow – the selection of clothing stores cannot be called very successful. From the popular mass-market clothing stores in Rio, you can find a two-story HM and a large Reserved, the rest are more expensive and less popular brands (Calvin Klein Jeans, U.S. Polo Assn, Giovane Gentile).

On the first floor of the shopping center there is a supermarket Green Crossroads, and on the fifth floor there is a cinema and travel agencies. Cafes and restaurants are scattered throughout the mall (Chocolate Girl, Donkin Donuts, Seasons, Beverly Hills Diner). There is also a playground.

Clothing stores in the shopping center Rio Leninsky Prospekt

A list of clothing, footwear, accessories stores in the Rio Leninsky Prospekt shopping center: photos, reviews, a catalog of goods can be seen on the pages of chains of stores.

Baldinini 14 stores in Moscow +7 (499) 271-97-09

icraft 117 stores in Moscow +7 (495) 775-55-54 ext. 7923

SOKOLOV 72 stores in Moscow +7 (800) 1000-750

Apple Yakut Diamonds 43 stores in Moscow +7 (495) 419-54-00, 8 (800) 333-67-37

Henderson 48 stores in Moscow +7 (499) 6494877

Pandora 66 stores in Moscow +7 (495) 287-88-38, ext. 606

Gulliver 40 stores in Moscow +7 (495) 995-11-25 ext. 800

Cop.Copine 4 stores in Moscow +7 (495) 988-51-39

Expert Professional 26 stores in Moscow +7 (499) 322-48-06, ext. 138

Redmond (leather goods) 55 stores in Moscow

Funny Socks 15 stores in Moscow

Reebok Reebok Classics (temporarily closed, 03/09/22) 49 stores in Moscow +7 (495) 771-65-51

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