Boxing betting

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Sports are divided into professional and amateur – this is the first thing you need to understand before betting on it. Amateur boxing is controlled by the AIBA organization, and professional boxing is controlled by several at once: WBA, IBF, WBC, WBO and others.

There are 17 weights in professional boxing, and only 11 in amateur boxing. Amateur boxing consists of tournaments where each boxer can fight several fights in a row, and in professional boxing, fights are organized much less often. Also, professional boxing differs from amateur boxing in terms of rules, number of rounds, equipment, and other less significant differences.

Professional boxing

Is easier to predict, as there is much more information on it. In addition, other prizes and goals are at stake in professional boxing, so there are much fewer unexpected results.

Amateur boxing rarely appears in the lines, only World Championship, World Championship and Olympic events can be found.

Betting on amateur boxing is somewhat similar to roulette, favorites often change there, couples are rarely known in advance, lack of motivation, and so on.

Types of boxing bets

We have already said that boxing is not so popular in bookmakers, although no self-respecting bookmaker misses title fights. The painting of a boxing match, even the top one, is not as saturated with markets as, for example, a football derby of one of the best European championships.


The main type of betting on boxing. Here you can choose between three outcomes, as in any sport where there is a draw: the victory of the first boxer, a draw and the victory of the second boxer.

The odds for a draw in boxing are usually very high, this is due to the rare end of the fight without a winner. Even a boxer will have all the rounds, then the winner will be determined by points equal to significant blows, and that their number will match is almost unrealistic.

Total rounds

A bet on total rounds means the total number of completed rounds. But you should always carefully study the rules of the office, as some bookmakers can count a round that has just begun.

Before betting, you need to know how many rounds this or that fight provides for in general, they can contain 8,10 and 12 rounds.

Total rounds is interesting in that one of the boxers can knock out the second, but how early this happens needs to be analyzed. It’s funny that sometimes boxers themselves report such information at press conferences, but for eminent athletes such statements are rare.

Full fight

A full fight means the same as the maximum total of rounds, just in some offices such a market is indicated separately.

Method of victory

The fight can end in several ways:

  • Win by points
  • Victory by knockout
  • TKO. By decision of the judges or a doctor, the fight is stopped at the moment when it is clear that one of the boxers cannot continue due to a physical condition, for example, a severe cut.
  • Some offices offer to bet on a unanimous or separate decision of the judges to award the victory to one of the boxers.

The round in which the fight will end

Lottery bet. Rounds in boxing last for 3 minutes and there are 8, 10 or 12 of them. One can only guess in which round the fight will end. Even if one boxer knocks down the other in the right round, there is still a good chance that he will get up and hold out until the gong.

At what minute will the fight end

An even more unpredictable bet than the bet in which round the fight will end.These bets make sense only in one case, if you choose several outcomes at once, for example, every last minute in a round.

Will there be a knockdown

A bet on whether one of the boxers will knock down the other boxer. Knockdowns in boxing are not uncommon, sometimes athletes simply lose their balance after a serious blow, but more often they need time to recover and continue the fight.

Also, there are offices that accept bets that there will be no knockdown. This bet is similar to the football bet that there will be no penalty.

Handicap and total points

Bets on such markets are accepted by single offices, perhaps because it is not easy even for an analytical center to distribute odds on them.

Exclusive Rates

Offices with a traditionally good list offer their players bets on exclusive markets, for example, Where will the towel be thrown from, Will be knocked down and win the fight, Both boxers will be knocked down and others.

That’s all the main types of boxing bets. As we wrote above, there are not so many of them. Now we will tell you what to look for when analyzing boxing matches.

How to analyze boxing fights

First of all, you need to know the following information about boxers:

  • number of fights
  • number of wins (knockouts)
  • losses (knockouts)
  • weight, height of boxers, as well as their age and physical form

It is important to assess the venue before the fight. In top fights, the fight usually takes place on the side of the favorite, for example, Floyd Mayweather fights in Las Vegas.

Each boxer has such a feature as convenient / inconvenient for an opponent. You can learn about such an indicator from the comments of experts.

Interviews of trainers and boxers give a lot of food for thought about what kind of bet to make after all. For example, you can learn about the chosen tactics and draw a conclusion about the total rounds.

You should find out who is in the boxer training camp. The higher the level of sparring partners, the better the boxer’s preparation for the fight.

Minor injuries or surgeries can greatly weaken a boxer, even if months have passed since. This will also affect the coefficients.


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