In Tver, gifted athletes and coaches are awarded

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In Tver, gifted athletes and coaches in Tver awarded the awarding ceremony and gifted athletes who showed high results in

In Tver, gifted athletes and coaches are awarded

In Tver, the awarding ceremony of trainers and gifted athletes started, who during the year showed high results in competitions at various levels.

According to the results of the outgoing sports year, honored awards will receive 45 athletes in the nomination “Nadezhda Tver”, 3 athletes in the “Overcoming” nomination and 16 coaches for outstanding sports achievements in various sports: rowing and canoeing, rowing, judo, swimming, sports Acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics, automobile sports, boxing, sports orientation, checkers, chess, table tennis, taekwondo, volleyball, fencing, skiing, sailing, universal battle.

A competition for the selection of gifted children-sportsmen and coaches is held in Tver annually. It is attended by members of the regional sports and Federals of Tver region and municipal budgetary institutions of Tver, which conduct sports training.

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