World Hockey Championship as an experiment

Ice Hockey World Championship as an experiment – Arguments of the Week

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These days, the Russian team continues to prepare for the World Cup, which will be held in Riga. This week our team will take part in the Czech leg of the Eurotour. But in general it is interesting to estimate what lineup we will see at the end of May.

Ice Hockey World Championship as an experiment

World Hockey Championship as an experiment


These days, the Russian team continues to prepare for the World Cup, which will be held in Riga. This week our team will take part in the Czech leg of the Eurotour. But in general it is interesting to estimate what lineup we will see at the end of May.

Play with who is

The Czech Games themselves are not of great interest. The Russian team back in February secured victory in the Eurotour. Now our team has 24 points, and the closest pursuers have 11 each. These are the Czechs and the Swedes. Incidentally, the defeat in the Czech Republic will even be a good sign before the World Cup. This will show that the Russian team is under pressure and plans to reach the peak of form by May 21, when the world championship starts. There is no need to rush with physics.

But let's estimate the composition, and start with the goalkeepers. We have a problem with them. The New York Rangers did not make the playoffs, but have already announced that due to injuries they will not let two of their goalkeepers go to the World Cup – Igor Shesterkin and Alexander Georgiev. The same Dallas said on Anton Khudobin.

Yes, there are four more goalkeepers overseas who make it to the playoffs. This is Semyon Varlamov and Ilya Sorokin, but their New York Islanders can go a long way. And also Andrey Vasilevsky and Sergey Bobrovsky, and one of them will be released for sure, because Florida and Tampa are playing against each other.

But the problem is that if a hockey player is released in the NHL, he still has to fly to Europe and spend a week in quarantine. And in general, according to the new IIHF rule, additional applications after the start of the tournament will be prohibited. We must play with those who are.

Young people from America are not called, and this Alexey Melnichuk, Ivan Prosvetov, Artyom Zagidulin. This is logical, they played in the AHL, not the NHL. That is a league down.

Therefore, with a high degree of probability, we can assume that a trio will play at the World Cup: two Ivans – Bocharov and Fedotov, as well as Alexander Samonov. Moreover, Samonov will certainly be the main one, because he plays in SKA and has international experience.

Help from the NHL

Now for the defenders. Grigory Dronov, Kirill Kirsanov, Alexei Marchenko, Mikhail Naumenkov, Igor Ozhiganov, Daniil Pylenkov, Rushan Rafikov, Dinar Khafizullin, Dmitry Yudin, Egor Yakovlev are going to the Eurotour to the Czech Republic. To put it mildly, our defense by name is not impressive. There are either a lot of young people here, or completely representatives of SKA, and this club is basic for the Russian team.

Would be very helpful Damir Sharipzyanov – the guy who in Avangard caught pucks on himself like a magnet, sacrificed his health, but led his team to the title of champions.Alas, injuries prevented Sharipzyanov from arriving in the national team.

But we can get help from the NHL. Four players will strengthen this composition at once. Nikita Zaitsev and Artyom toothBoth perform in Ottawa. Vladislav Gavrikov from Columbus, as well as Nikita Zadorov from ChicagoThey will not hurt at all.

In general, these four players brighten up a general, gloomy picture. Yes, Zaitsev did not impress his game for Ottawa. But in the national team it is usually transformed, and very good in the majority brigade. Zadorov does not play when implementing a numerical advantage, but such a Russian national team will definitely not hurt.

12 euros per test

The line of the attack looks like this: Anton Burdasov, Dmitry Voronkov, Emil Galimov, Denis Zernov, Vladislav Kamenev, Pavel Karnaukhov, Pavel Kraskovsky, Andrey Kuzmenko, Kirill Marchenko, Ivan Morozov, Konstantin Okulov, Vasily Podokolzin, Ilya Safonov, Anton Slepyshev, Evgeny Timkin, Sergey Tolchinsky, Maxim Shalunov, Artyom Shvets-Rogovaya.

Just about the attack, you should not worry. Moreover, because of the ocean should be pissed out Alexander Barabanov (San Jose), and from the Columbus will come Mikhail Grigorenko.

But the ligaments are visible here, for example, holuns – Okulov. It is a pity that Maxim Mamin was injured and will not be able to play in Riga. And so this army link looked thunderous in the KHL playoffs, and it would very much like to see it at the international level.

The same can be said about the players of the Vanguard – these are Tolchinsky and grains. The guys became champions and earned an increase. We will believe that they will be fixed in the main composition.

But in general, this will be a very experimental composition of the Russian national team, but also The World Cup itself will turn out as an experiment. They might not have been conducted. It will be a tournament without spectators, all national teams will live in a bubble, that is, to be in isolation.

Here are the rules for journalists – read to understand the situation:

– You must have a test before arriving in Latvia;

– You must make a test upon arrival in Latvia;

– Every day you have to make a test at a point next to the arena. One test costs 12 euros per person;

– Every time you give a bracelet that you passed the test, and you need to show it along with accreditation at the entrance to the arena;

-all the time at all objects of the World Cup, you must wear a mask of a medical design (and not something self-pack);

– It is forbidden to drive in public transport, and accreditation does not give there the right to travel, as it happened before;

– You can drive from the media and vice versa only on shuttle;

– However, a taxi is allowed to use;

– And the whole question is how to get a visa in Latvia. At this stage, those who still want to get to the World Cup now have been addressed.

Nevertheless, I would very much like to see how the Russian team takes gold, albeit in such a tournament. After all, we have not seen him since 2014.

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