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Tver temporarily became the center of curling. The Cup was held in the Triumph sports complex at the Chemistry Institute…

Curling granite is being gnawed in Tver

Tver temporarily became the center of curling in Russia. The Russian Cup in this noble sport was held in the Triumph sports complex at the Chemistry Institute. The cup in the capital of the Upper Volga region is not accidental – Tver plans to become a federal center for training national curling teams. So this sport promises to become fashionable this season, and just look, it will become the most popular among Tverichans.

The students of the Tver State Technical University also decided to get acquainted with the Olympic sport. Konstantin Zuev, Deputy Governor of the Tver Region, President of the Curling Federation of the Tver Region, wished good luck and admonished the students of the Polytechnic University on Twitter. According to the Deputy Governor:

– If the Federation is convinced that curling is a priority sport in Tver, then this is an achievement both for the economy and for the residents who will train at the modern stadium.

Inspired by Konstantin Eduardovich's parting words, in comfortable shoes (you won't be able to try on heels!) the students went in an organized manner to the new Triumph sports complex, which hosted the Russian Cup last weekend.

For the tournament, the ice is special, made according to European standards. Curling is played by 2 teams of four people each. Sports equipment – a stone weighing 20 kilograms and brushes for rubbing ice. Members of the youth team of Russia told the students about the game with pleasure. In addition to the rules, the athletes told about the interesting nuances of this sport. Curling is much safer than many ice sports, be it hockey or skating. Women's teams are much stronger in our country, because there is a huge competition in men's curling, and in countries where curling is almost a national sport, men's teams are of the highest level. Well, after the mini-lecture, the students were in for a surprise that they did not count on: Olga Andrianovna, the head coach of the Russian curling team, took them to the ice.

– If curling is developed here, then Tver will have great prospects. We deliberately make some sacrifices and let newcomers on the ice, because it's always better to try once!

According to Olga Andrianova, students of the Polytechnic University should understand the specifics of “chess on ice”, as curling is also called, like no one else.

You with a technical mindset are able to appreciate the beauty of the game, its complexity. An interesting conversation took place between a well-known coach and candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, teacher of TSTU Alexander Ivannikov about the laws of conservation of energy in curling. There were “terrible words -“ kinematics ”,“ translational movement ”,“ rotational moment ”,“ kinetic energy ”… The students of the Polytechnic University were given sports equipment – special sliders – and a professional brush.

Judging by the surge of activity on social networks, TSTU students will recall for a long time an impressive acquaintance with such an indifferent trainer of the Russian national team and such a difficult sport. In many countries, Curling is a family sport. So, in Canada, every second plays hockey, and every third in Curling.

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