In Kirov, the Business League Championship continues – Sports.

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The spring football league tournament was exceeded by the equator of the group round. Be that as it may, the players went to the peak of the form. And now you can analyze the teams who will apply for what in the end of the tournament.

In Kirov, the Business League Championship continues

In Kirov, the Business League Championship continues

In the division A Favorites continue to confirm the high class of their teams. The next victory are won. True, if one team sweeps its rivals with a bang, we are talking about a “tracker”, then another victory is much more complicated – “salute No. 1”. For third place – complete unpredictability, even gaining the first “FLK” points has every chance of this position. The gap between the third line and the eighth is only a couple of points.

Tractor 4: 0 Tractor-U

Orlov Vasily (captain of the trader): “We had a worthy opponent today. This is not the first time we meet with them in various tournaments. They won one with them, one lost, but here we were stronger. They are still heavy on the grass, they are more a mini-football team. I think that they have everything ahead, a couple of such tournaments, and they will play for the highest positions. ”

FLC 1: 0 Motaki ru

IMBERI Konstantin (captain FLK): “They played perfectly, won the first victory in the tournament. We are very satisfied, the opponent is a strong team, thanks to them for the game. ”

Tech Center Hussar 2: 0 Kirovspetsmontazh

Pavel Kotelnikov (captain Tech Center Hussar): “Finally they waited-the long-awaited victory! Many thanks to our fans who supported us at this difficult hour. Three rounds could not gather. We gathered on the fourth tour, I hope we win all the remaining games and win the league. .

In the division B The leaders together decided to draw. The first, Zenit Fans, left the defeat, equalizing the score in the end of the match, the latter, the Souster, on the contrary, missed the victory in the last minutes. As in the elite division, the struggle for the third position is equal, four teams immediately have 5 points in their asset, without dumping both two points behind.

Vyatich 1: 1 Bank Khlynov

Pyatyshev Evgeny (captain Vyatich): “The plans were to win this game, it did not work. The opponent was worthy of resistance. A little upset.

Musikhin Alexey (captain Bank Khlynov): “The opponent is strong today, the team is strong, we play with them for the first time. Therefore, it was interesting to try your hand with such a team. I think the game was equal, we tried to play it more closely in defense and use our moments in the attack. One managed to score.

Flavor 2: 2 zenit fans

Kalinin Sergey (captain SC Color): “The beginning turned out a little chaotic, at the end of the first half we got used to it. In the second half, they led in the account and, as often happens, in the middle of the half they relaxed a little, as a result they missed two goals. The account is equal, I believe that Fortune was on the side of our opponent today, we could not hold the advantage.From this the result, of course, is dissatisfied. ”

Nesterov Oleg (Zenit Fans): “Both of the halims we had an avid advantage, but we missed two goals on counterattacks. Then they gathered a little and, clinging to the opponent, recouped. A little was not enough to score and the third goal. Everyone tried, but an offensive draw. ”

Union 1: 1 Selmash

Kursanov Dmitry (Selmash): “We had the failures today on the defense. The only thing that the opponent could not realize many points saved us. And we were able to realize his moment at least. This is the maximum that we could play today. Because we are satisfied with this draw. ”

Legion 1: 0 Major Express

Letov Yuri (captain Legion): “The game was very intense. We needed these three points and we needed the first goal in the tournament. I am very glad that everything turned out today. ”

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