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Forecast and rate for the match Wolfsburg – Lille for 1.95. Fribet 2000, coefficients, analytics, statistics, broadcast online. Dogs defend the result necessary for themselves

Wolfsburg – Lill. Forecast, rate (building 1.95) for football, Champions League, December 8, 2021

Forecast and bets on Wolfsburg - Lille

Before the final tour Wolfsburg With five points scored, the quartet closes, but in case of victory in this game, it will be equal to points with the upcoming enemy, which is the first to go.

The wolves began this tournament with two draws in a row, one of them was on the road just with the upcoming enemy. After which they in Austria lost the “RB Salzburg” with a score of 1: 3.

In the fourth game day, the German team still won the first Victoria in this competition, having beaten the houses of the Austrians – 2: 1. In his last meeting, he suffered an exit fiasco from the Spanish Seville – 0: 2.

The “Wolfsburg” approaches this fight with a 5-mother-free series, in which he lost four times. Last weekend, the team suffered a major defeat from the Minz 0: 3 in the German championship, where it goes in the middle of the tournament.


Lill It has eight credits in its asset, allowing commands to lead their quartet, but the defeat in this fight can drop the team to third place.

“Dogs” started in this tournament not entirely successful, scoring only two points in the first three fights, painting the home worldwater 0-0 with Wolfsburg and Seville, as well as losing the “RB Salzburg” – 1: 2.

In the next two games, the French club scored the maximum number of points, having beaten 2: 1 on the exit of Seviltsev and on its territory of the Austrian championship with a score of 1: 0.

For seven games in a row, Lille does not know the bitterness of defeats, having won four of them for this period. The day before, he defeated the house Trois 2: 1 as part of the French championship, where it is located in the middle of the standings.

These clubs held three fights, where the Germans won (3: 0) and twice there was a draw (0: 0 and 1: 1).

Forecast and rate

In this duel, bookmakers prefer the owners. The victory of Wolfsburg is offered – 2.26.

They give Victoria Lill – 3.32the draw is appreciated – in 3.54.

“Lill” is suitable for this fight in better shape than Wolfsburg. We expect that the French will be able to defend the result necessary for them, strictly playing on the defense, which will affect the effectiveness of the match.

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