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lt; p gt; The life of one person is the history of the whole country. The fate of our hero is confirmation of this. At any time, a Russian person was and remains an example, a model, a legend! You can only bow to its power … Our interlocutor is an honorary member of the Executive Committee of the Federation of Jumps on the trampoline of Russia. Coach of the Krasnodar Regional School of Higher Sports Sports Vitaly Dubko. lt;/p gt;

Vitaly Dubko: And the Russians went out to jump, and everyone was stunned

Vitaly Dubko: And the Russians went out to jump, and everyone was stunned

The life of one person is the history of the whole country. The fate of our hero is confirmation of this. At any time, a Russian person was and remains an example, a model, a legend! You can only bow to its power … Our interlocutor is an honorary member of the Executive Committee of the Federation of Jumps on the trampoline of Russia. Coach of the Krasnodar Regional School of Higher Sports Sports Vitaly Dubko.

How Soviet jumpers ruined the holiday to the Americans

– Vitaly Fedorovich, with the past. We remember, we know: on May 13 you had a birthday.

– Well, yes, it was. Thank you.

– How did your way to jump on a trampoline begin?

– From acrobatics. He was engaged in years from nine. He spoke with Oleg Meleshchenko. Compiled their number with jumps, racks. He was already jumping, I am Flake. It was beautiful. We were dragged from all concerts, evenings … wherever possible. In the house of officers, costumes sewed: brilliant wide trousers. It all started from there. Then I came to Gennady Karpovich Kazajiev and began to train more seriously. About five years were the champion of the region in jumping acrobatics.


– Have you decided to be a coach right away?

– First, he came to work at the Krasnodar school as a teacher. I saw a gym there and said: That's it, I won’t leave here. Beautiful! He was only painted, whitewashed. It seemed so big. After a while we got a trampoline. First they jumped jokingly, and then I look: it turns out. It all started here. He worked as a teacher for five years, left acrobatics and completely engaged in coaching work on trampolines. The first world champions – Evgeny Yanes, Evgeny Yakovenko and a whole galaxy of the strongest athletes grew up here.

– But what about your noble quartet: Vitaly Dubko, Victor Narykov, Nikolai Abajan, Oleg Zaporozhchenko?

– Yes! We won twice TsS Spartak. And there were many other victories. A good team turned out.

– The standard of masters of sports on the acrobatic path at the age of 26 completed. Isn't it too late?

– Yes? I don’t even remember. I was the first in the region to jump double. For the first time brought to Russian competitions a double Arabic. After the article came out. The correspondent wrote: He was pushed by the first -bit, twisted a double and landed at the master of sports.

– What was the first triumph in a trampoline jumping?

– In 1976, the Americans took over the world championship. Before that, in 1974 they won both synchron and individual. We hoped to repeat their success.To bring him to the celebration of the two hundredth anniversary of America and show his superiority. There were bright processions, pop groups, decorated cars … very cool! Then Soviet Batutists jumped at the World Cup for the first time. In general, we upset the Americans. We won all the medals. Yanes and Yakovenko in synchron. Jesnes – in the personal championship. Among the girls are also ours: Svetlana Levina and Olga Starikova.

How they collected money for the road to New Zealand

– The next galaxy: Moskalenko – Karavaeva?

– Yes. In 1989, Alexander Moskalenko won his first victory at the World Cup. Of course, this was a different level. Even higher than the class.

– Were there difficulties with the exit?

– In 1992, the World Cup was in New Zealand. Where to fly. No money. They collected crumbs on the road. Wherever you can. Turned to Vasily Machuga. Then he was the chairman of the Russian Olympic Committee. Gave a little money. Not for everyone, of course. Five thousand. He said: As much as enough, so much will go, no longer. So how – how much is enough? The team is four people! He: Well, take two.

-And all of our Krasnodar guys?

-Yes. The male team of Russia – all Kuban athletes: Moskalenko, Khnychev, Danilchenko, Alekseenko.

– How did the rest of the money raise?

– Then we had the chairman of the SHEBETIEV Federation. Mikhalych helped: I bought a ticket for myself, well, I gave us tickets. And thank you for that. Contacted one businessman. There was one there … I also helped. That's how they collected.

– These are passions! …

– There were passions there, at the competition! The struggle unfolded interestingly. The Germans saw that two Russians had fallen, and thought that they had already won. They jumped out, wave their hands, rejoice. And then they counted the glasses, and it turned out that even with a fall our athletes won. We brought all gold medals from there. It was a great success.

– Now it has become easier with the exit?

-Yes nothing easier.

– Well, now, now jumping on a trampoline is an Olympic sport, are there really problems with the exit?

– Well, yes, now they send … But the system itself is not like that. The selection is incomprehensible. Previously, I won, and that’s it. No one will take your glasses. And now they came up with: either points must be performed, then more. The athlete may not take any place, but to complete the score. In general … I think not a very good system. If it is not changed, we will not win.

How Moskalenko became the Olympic champion

– debut on the world in , Olympics – in ! The long way turned out.

– In 1997, I was summoned to the committee. They ask: who can win the Olympics in? I say: Moskalenko. In response to me: so he left, no longer engaged. And I say: this is how you can return it. Pay him the money for preparation, and he will train.

– What is there in it that is not in others?

– This is a character. A strong character. A person with whom you can go and not be afraid.

– Came. And he has such a stomach – more than mine. He swayed several times on a trampoline and, honestly, he cried out: he could take so much superfluous from himself? Well, they started to prepare.After a year and a half, he became the third at the championship of Russia. There was still a stomach, however, was. He then says to me: Vitaly Fedorovich, I’ll lose weight now, I will jump higher. Well, I think. In 1998, he jumped in Australia in Australia in the team standings. Won. A year later, in became a champion in the personal championship. Irina Karavaeva also became a champion in both personal and team competitions.

– How did Alexander return the form?

– The preparation was terrible. We left for Novomikhailovka, there is a sports camp. Sasha put on a special vest weighing 20 kg and ran from a mountain to a mountain for three kilometers. There and back again. I look once: his lips are already blue. In general, they prepared very cool! Drove 23 kg.

– Did you manage to the Olympics?

– Yes, they flew to Australia two days before the competition. I insisted so. Even a long time ago, in the eighties, he consulted with the professor about adaptation. He said: go later. So far, the body has not understood what was the matter. Two days – perfect. We arrived, in the evening – training. They began to knead how the Chinese ran up and let's take pictures, shoot. We just introduced some new things. There was no such thing. So in the hall the real excitement happened! Sasha says: let's go from here. We have a sign: you can’t take pictures before the competition. In short, testing was carried out and enough. And the next day we arrived early.

– Have you successfully trained? Without extra eyes?

– Moskalenko swayed – performs combinations. Karavaeva – nothing can do anything. Usually I never shouted at her, and then I say: “Look for a while! Open your eyes! Yes, we now have two in the morning. And we jump. Wake you up at night – will you jump? ” I look: I seemed to calm down. “Today go, go to bed and sleep. Competitions in the evening. In our time, this is already an hour of the day. Just when we do a second training. ” So it happened.

– Did you worry about the competition?

-At this time, all coaches were gathered for a meeting. Russia had no medals for three days. Fencers performed, won two awards, and that’s it! Silence. They are already calling from the Kremlin: what kind of business? Then Smirnov headed the Russian delegation. He arrived in the Olympic village, gathered us. Well, I came, sat in the corner. Vitaly Georgievich swears: “What is it, why are we not winning?” Then he looked at me: Oh, tomorrow was a trampoline, well, they will have a gold medal. And I was not at a loss, I say: Yes, of course it will. And everyone was stunned. In such a tension, already boldly declare! The next day, Irina Karavaeva won. It was a breakthrough.

– Smirnov was pleased?

– He came up after the competition: “You have a good girl!” And I say: “I and I have a good boy. Look. I think: Sasha will gnaw this victory with his teeth.

– Was there a struggle?

– Was! An interesting struggle turned out! So unexpectedly everything turned out! There was a guy from Australia. About the fifth according to the rating. We already know each other. And this fifth jumps.Behind him is Polyarush, Moskalenko's main rival. Well, Sasha, of course, always won against him, but he is also a strong athlete. And now he is performing and gaining fewer points than the Australian. The audience rejoices: their athlete is already in third place. Then the Frenchman comes out. Perfectly performs a combination, but does a repetition. He is deducted a point and the element is not counted. What started here! I've never seen anything like this: 15,000 viewers just went crazy. Shout, make noise! The Australian coach hugs the athlete: they are already the second. Sasha put the headphones in his ears and waits. All! All that's left is his performance. He comes up to me, says: “Vitaly Fedorovich, hit me.” Well, I say: “Come on.” How he blurted out! He clenched his fists: “Well, I’ll tear everyone apart now!” He completed his task. Became an Olympic champion.

Why jumpers got lazy

Who is easier to work with: boys or girls?

– Of course, with the boys. I'm generally the coach of the guys. If I take girls, I try to train them like boys. And… No, I love being with boys.

– What is your daily routine?

— Morning training at half past seven. The second is an hour.

– Did you try to do three workouts?

— Tried. Before, we just didn’t invent anything. When I trained myself, I even jumped flasks at night. Came to the track. It was made from sawdust. Then there was nothing! You come, you bend down – you can see the path. Standing straight, you can't see anything. Then I came to the conclusion: this method does not work. At school, they trained at six in the morning. Classes started at eight. One and a half hours we jump, half an hour – to remove the trampolines. Now we have our own hall: there are trampolines. You don't need to collect anything. Everyone got lazy. We do training at half past seven, or even come to eight!

How world champions built a hall for themselves

– The hall, of course, is excellent! How did you manage to create it?

– Once we were invited to a meeting with Sergei Medunov. It was a real person. Communist. First secretary of the regional committee. And so he asks: “What do you want?”. I say: “Yes, nothing is needed … Only the hall is needed.” He: The hall is difficult, but I will help you. We arrived and immediately dug a foundation pit in the school yard. Who does not know, this one is at the crossroads of Vasily Machuga and Blagoev streets.


– Yourself? Did anyone help?

– I had a good friend, Valerka. He is the director of the concrete plant. Our fathers were also friends. And we. I came to him, I say: we need concrete. And before everything was painted, there is nothing superfluous. Still figured it out. Deal. Brought in, poured the foundation. Then you have to build more. Blocks are needed. Fours. We started looking. Wherever we just didn’t roam, we couldn’t get it anywhere. Suddenly a man comes to us. Such an old one. And he says: “Take my granddaughters. I don’t need champions, let them just jump for ten days, strengthen themselves. ” We say: No, we can't do that. And he then: “Practice, and I will help you. What do you need?. I think: how can you help us, I have world champions, and I can’t do anything, and then my grandfather came … Well, I answer myself: “Yes, we are building here.Blocks are needed. We went to the director today to the factory – refused. ” “How refused! We’ll go together tomorrow, ”says. In the morning I come: he is already here. We went to the factory, so he directly past the secretary to the director. Everyone was stunned. We go. He sits down and obscenities on the director: “Do you refuse this world champions? Well look. He takes out a certificate. It turns out that under the regional committee of the party there was a commission of the Communists, who checked factories and factories. And he is the main one there. He says: If you do not do the blocks tomorrow until the clock, you will have such a check that you can’t demolish your heads.

In the morning I come: in the yard it is already working: it unloads the blocks. I say to our coach: “Zhora, train these grandchildren for at least a whole year!”

Confession of the athlete: doping scandals eight years later; who will protect athletes; Gratitude without borders

That's how the walls were raised by six meters. Then comes Tashlykov, chairman of the Soviet district executive committee. And we were friends well. He says: Fedorovich, what are you doing here? I say: Yes, the gym is building. He: Do you have a project? Yes, the devil knows him. There is no project. I answered him: “Medunov told me to build. He will help. “Medunov? What do you need?. “Brick is needed,” I say. “How much?” Asks. Ten thousand. He promised to help. We are immediately with Khadzhimusovich, my partner, to a brick factory. We arrived, we say: Ten thousand. They looked there: there is such an order. We quickly found the car, loaded. We came to Tashlykov, I say: “Thank you for the brick, transported. Everything is fine. He: “How? What brick? Where?. Well, ten thousand are you ordered? “So this is for the factory! This is not yours. Well, what, we have already transported! He waved his hand: Well, damn it.

– Blimey! How much did you build it?

– Yes, in a year and built. On the last day, I remember: everyone washed, put a trampoline, turned on the light and jumped. It was great! In your hall!

– Marvelous! God works in mysterious ways!

– Yes. Everyone created bit. Both walls and ceiling. Oh, by the way, how much they suffered with the ceiling! Channel were needed. They ran, searched, rummaged around. There is nothing. I stand near the school. Well, I worked there, many guys know me. One guy comes up: “Oh, Vitaly Fedorovich, hello! You do not remember me? I studied in the classroom … Why are you so sad? ” “Yes, what, I say, we cannot find a channel. They bought it, but they are not suitable. ” He: “Yes, Vitalich, what problems! I work as a loader. But everyone is listening to me there. Bring yours, what I need to ship. ” And the truth: we arrived, changed. But wherever we did not look, no one knew anything. And he is a simple loader. Well, such, apparently, the main above the loaders. In general, a good person. Helped.

How the Batutists of the hooligans were abused

This is how the conversation turned out. With tears and jokes … Already at the threshold, Vitaly Fedorovich told another interesting story …

– Free Kuban, you say? I know Victor Lamikin well. For a long time! It was in the early seventies. He was even then in Komsomol, the first secretary of the district committee. He came to me and said: “Vitaly, can you collect the guys? You need to perform. Well, why not? They took the track, trampoline, there were still boxers. We went to the village of Staroshkerbinovskaya. On the way, they stopped in Perevyslovskaya, in the Bryukhovetsky district. People say to us: We sometimes watch on TV, but we do not believe that you can smoke in the air like this. They only knew how to grow wheat, but to repair a tractor. True, the stadium was there, on it the cows grazed. We arrived, dispersed them, weaved Buryan a little. They put the trampolines … People came from all over the village, straight to the ground. They made a small show for them. Oh, how happy everyone was! And there are local thieves to Tanya Jesus: they say, what was dressed up like this. She was short in the dress. In general, we lifted up. But we have the kids – wrestlers and boxers. They are those. And Lambin is with us. He also fought well … In short, the hooligans were cut off. I remember the grandmothers pass by and say: “You have punished them well. They keep the whole village here in suspense. ” So, pass Hello Lambin from Dubko.

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