The match Castellon – Alheesiras

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The team of Castellon and the team of Algeciras demonstrated quality football in the last championship, which allowed the clubs to take a high position in the standings.

History of personal meetings

It also allowed some players to make a name for themselves, which attracted the attention of top-tier clubs and made them offers they couldn’t refuse.

We are talking about the fact that some of the leaders who were key figures in the composition of the Castellon team and the Algeciras team moved to other clubs, therefore, the teams had to actively look for replacements on the transfer market.

Young footballers were chosen who will become talented players with a worldwide reputation in the future.

Managers have repeatedly spoken about the strengths of their new players, and given the results of the friendly matches that the clubs played in the off-season, we can say that the team’s style of play has remained unchanged – a constant attack on the opponent’s goal, and shots from any point.

That is, the managers of the Castellon team and the Algeciras team practice attacking basketball in their clubs, requiring their players to constantly keep the opponent’s defense on their toes.

Well, looking at the results of last year’s matches, it can be argued that such tactics are bearing fruit, and you should not reject it.

It is possible that because of her, the clubs miss too much from rivals, but they score many times more in their gates, which undoubtedly pleases the fans.

At the start of the championship, when young players will try to prove themselves, our experts are waiting for productive football, and the teams will definitely show it.


Comunicado oficial: Luismi Ruiz y Yaroslav Oliinyk | CD Castellón | Web Oficial

Despite the fact that everyone expected from the Castellon football club in the debut season of failure, the team is still stable, which is not afraid of departure, taking third place in the standings, so there are still good chances to qualify in the European Cups.

The successes of the hosts are due to the fact that in the offseason the coach managed to invite several experienced players to the team, who, although they are veterans, but significantly affect the game, helping their young and inexperienced partners.

True, at the moment, the Castellon football club demonstrates good results mainly at home, where there were already six victories with one defeat, but the visiting fights of the debutant are much more complicated.

The mentor even adheres to the defensive model of the game at home, so only one striker plays in almost all matches for the owners. The attacking midfielder cannot play FC Castellon, but in question the exit to the field of the left midfielder and central defender.


Thanks to a series of four victories, the football club Bad Gleichenberg was able to come close to the European Cup zone, but then another decline followed, so the team rolled back several lines at once, currently occupying eighth place.

To qualify for the Europa League, the guests lack six points, and this season the team is not happy with stability, alternating successful series with failures.

At the moment, the Algeciras football club has not won three rounds, having suffered two major defeats, and also tied once.

The head coach prefers too attacking football, which is why the guests miss a lot, although they please the fans with regular goals. On the road, the team also likes to attack more, but this does not often lead to success, so there were more defeats than wins away.

As part of the Algeciras football club, it will not be possible to play two central and right midfielders, and the left back may miss the match.

Interesting facts before the match Castellon – Algeciras

If you choose a favorite in the match between the Castellon team and the Algeciras team, then here the opinion of our forecasters completely coincides with the opinion of the bookmakers, who believe that the guests are now in better shape than the home team.

It should be noted that both clubs finished last season on a positive note, while the guests managed not only to keep all the key players, but also to sign a number of well-known players, and the home team sold out their leaders, but so far have not made a single more or less significant acquisition, which would enhance the game.

In personal meetings between these clubs last season, there was an equal confrontation, given the personnel changes that have occurred with the teams, we would recommend betting on the victory of the guests in this match, as we see their game as more confident.

We also consider a bet on total over yellow cards to be a good bet in this match. The very essence of the game of both teams comes down to quick transitions from defense to attack, which means that the players do not always keep up with their opponents.

This should play into our hands, in addition to this, in the head-to-head matches of last season, both teams played quite dirty, so our bet on warnings is quite justified.

We see the total number of goals in this match as higher, given that both clubs have a good attack, and not the best defense, so we have to exchange goals here, which will help our forecast pass.

Castellon will win the match – 2.27, Algeciras will win the match – 3.065, the match will end in a draw – 3.

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