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Queen Hype does not give up her positions: the track of instasami Lipsi Ha with a memorable refrain “in thong burden Capital” has gained popularity between …

Lipsi Ha Instasham Hit took first place in the world chart Genius

Queen Hyp does not give up her positions: the track of instasami Lipsi Ha with a memorable refrain “in thong burden Capital” has gained popularity in the international arena. The song took first place in the world musical chart Genius. The Russian rap artist managed to get ahead of Lisa, Billy Ailish, Lil Nas X, Drake and Kanye West.

The Genius rating is based on visits to the pages of this international site on which song texts are published. Fresh hit Lipsi Ha is marked with a “spark”. With this symbol, the portal administrators indicate the most popular and hot tracks: the song page on the site scored 394 thousand views.

The Lipsi Ha track also led the Russian TOP-100 in Apple Music. VKontakte Single held the championship for some time, but in the end he lost the leading position of the new product 10AGE – the “zoo”. In addition, the song of Instasamka was encouraged in Tiktoka: under the shocking composition of rapper, users shot almost 116 thousand videos.

Instasamka modestly celebrated her achievement -the Internet star posted on Instagram * -storis a screenshot from the website Genius. Now the blogger is busy promoting the new track of his boyfriend Moneyken – “move”, the single should go out before the end of this month. The girl calls on the fans to “finish” the number of videos shot under an excerpt from the song in Tiktoka, up to 20 thousand. After that, the Instasham promises to publish a snippet of her new track produced by Moneyken.

Dasha Zoteeva (real name of Instasam. – Approx. Srsly) I became famous for a daring style and loud conflicts with other yutube-selibs. The blogger began a musical career relatively recently – in June 2019. The girl released two rap albums Born To Flex and Triple Kid, and also swept with a tour in Russia. In 2021, Instasamka conquered the charts with such hits as Mommy, Money Day and Juicy. The star works with MoneyKen – the guy knows the “recipe” of the perfect track and knows how to impress the listeners.

Recently, the couple visited the show “Do you know me?”, Where the musicians talked about how their romantic relationship began. Influenserers admitted that they believe in love for life. Earlier, Instasamka shared information about her income. The girl revealed the cost of placing advertising on Instagram * -storis in her account. The star noted that most of the money sends her mother. Daria helped her fulfill the dream – to open her own hostel.

* Activities of Meta Platforms Inc. (Facebook and Instagram) on the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited
** recognized as an foreigner in the territory of the Russian Federation

My thesis at the journalism faculty of Moscow State University was dedicated to blogs and whether they were equally equated to the media and how much it is ethical to do. The topic appeared quite by accident.Initially, I was going to write about the work of Vasily Shukshin. But somehow in the middle of the night, my friend, with whom we lived for four years in the same room in the hostel and, of course, could not help but choose one department, woke up and said that we are crazy and would not master the literature diploma, so we must urgently change the topic . One teacher took pity on us who knew us well. I don’t even remember who invented and offered the topic of blogs. But it seemed to us that it is much lighter than Shukshin's work.

Here it should be noted that it was – scary to imagine! – 2008. And then we were still very analog. Abstracts were handed over on the disketts (I remember the teacher to whom we all passed the senior shows, empty disks were handed over, and a couple of my classmates who came across this), we watched the cinema on the disks who were hired in the cellet of the journalism club in the basement (I remember how hard it is for me Tarkovsky, Bergman was given, and how I fell asleep during the first viewing of the “life as a miracle” of Kusturitsa, which I then loved gently; but how I was struck by the “Margaritians”!), The books were read in Lenin and rejoiced if they got into the same retro- Hall with green lamps. Then “classmates” just appeared, and LJ was the most progressive platform. We are oh, gods! -We went to the Internet cafe, which then existed at the main building of Moscow State University. There, we got out of serious battles in LJ. We wrote posts on exciting topics and argued with foam at the mouth in the comments. And they did it with such excitement, as if they were playing millions in a casino.

When I received my hard four for a diploma, I exhaled and immediately forgot about him, I could not have imagined that the topic of blogs would return to my life. “Why are we doing this? What kind of nonsense? “My merciless reflection did not let me go for a long time when Srsly was started.” After all, we ourselves frowning from these words-“bloggers”, “trendseters”, “influenters”, blah blah blah. Some kind of vulgarity comes out when you begin to tell what we are talking about. And somehow even ashamed and embarrassed for itself it becomes. But let's not deny: bloggers gave us new content, from which it is finally not stuffy. Instagram stars were replaced by gloss, YouTube – Telik trampled. Bloggers began to pull the warm blanket of advertising budgets on themselves. Trendsetters and inflouenses of the new formation became the desired guests in a secular party. Now they as they say, it will be.

Dud bent Yutub, Ivleeva from a manicure turned into a TV star with TEFI, Gorbacheva became the main actress of generation, the coin sounded from all the irons. These are, of course, the heroes of our time. They have already changed reality and continue to do it. They have an influence on the Internet and not only. And he can no longer be succumbed to. Of course, you can continue to get sick with nihilism and deny the new world. But this is dishonest. Primarily in relation to yourself. And we are for honesty, for open questions and are waiting for the same answers from the heroes.And we do not have “not our heroes”, there are no prejudices, and we are against the cliche.

We deliberately abandoned the Artyom Svetovs and will not hide behind the pseudonyms. Each publication has an author to whom you can look by person and express everything that you think about his material (naturally, reasonably). It is not forbidden to be completely disagreeing with us. We ourselves in the editors often argue with each other. But the last word always remains responsible for the section. We have everything with our background, position, principles in the profession and outlooking life.

When in the editorial office they invited everyone to write their own manifesto, I was imbued with this idea. Immediately recalled Belinsky, Dobrolyubov, Chernyshevsky, Bely, Blok, Ivanov, Gumilyov … The word journalism surfaced. And the very naive analogy, which is now simply gone. At the journalism faculty, we studied the code of professional ethics of a journalist. Now this concept seems to Atavism. But let our manifestos become ethical code 2.0.

In my second year, I read the “generation of P” Pelevin and desperately did not want to believe that in journalism everyone was stealing ideas. Since then, I have an allergy to “Let's do it like …” And then why, if they are already there? Therefore, SRSLY is about daring ideas, honest texts and – where without them are beautiful pictures.

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