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(relative) Ivan Pityaev, Penza region, Vadinsky district, Bolshekozlesky s/s, Grryunovo

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Since 09/16/1941 he was in the Waixeltal camp work team (Weichseltal, now Przyłubie, Kuyav-Pomor Voivodeship, Poland-see

On 10/23/1941 in Stalag 312 ThorN

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Since 05/15/1942 in the work team of Mendenau Starag xx a

Information about the burial place is contradictory. On the first page – died in Stalaga 312 Thorne (49 – the number of the grave? – because of the ignorance of German, I can’t say exactly what is written). On the second page – died 06/06/1942 in the infirmary, the infirmary is crossed out, it is written: in the working team of Mendenau (A.K. Mendenau). I can not decipher the diagnosis.

As they write on the Aviation forum of the SGV, Mendenau was buried from the working team at the local cemetery. Now it's Szewno, Poland.

The current memorial of the dead in the stalag in Toruni: Poland, Kuyav-Popime Voivodeship, Gmina Velka Neshavka, Glinka village (No. SMC Z48-86 A plot of soldiers of the Soviet Army and prisoners of war, only 10519 were buried, of which 85-see

  • Place of birth – so far a riddle. There is no village Gryunovo in the Vadinsky district – see There is a second varnish (Goryunovka), but it belonged to the Tatar-Lakinsky village council. Other Pityaevs (Petyaevs) in the ASD memorial are natives of either large or small (new) goat. Cukulins (Mother's Material House) are also from the big goat.
  • , A book of memory. Vadinsky district
  • The book of memory of the Penza region is not entered

division of rifles according to the constructive principle

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. As a rule, they come in four standards: spring-piston, multi-compression, pre-inflated (PCP) and gas-balloon.

Author: Noblekin S.A.



Location: G. Penza

Registered: 2010-01-24

 -pneumatic rifles of spring-piston type. They work at the expense of internal springs, which, when straightening, communicate the piston, compressing the air and pushing the bullet. The prices for them are usually quite acceptable, they are one- or somewhat charging (for example, the domestic five-shot IZH-61). At small distances, the rifles are accurate, thanks to a simple design, they are very reliable and easy to use - everyone probably remembers turning point, of which they shot in a dash in childhood.

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The top models include rifles from Air Arms, Diana, Weihrauch, etc., and among the budget category, good recommendations have Gamo, Hatsan, Crosman, Norica and several others. Such rifles are absolutely autonomous, but they have a tangible return and it is impossible to leave them for a long time in a cocked state.

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9 months 16 days Last visit: Information about the burial place is contradictory. On the first page – died in Stalaga 312 Thorne (49 – the number of the grave? – because of the ignorance of German, I can’t say exactly what is written).

The first page says the standard message: abg.lst. No.

Gemeldet Mit Abgangs Liste No.


49 , i.e. Reported in the list of returns No.49 – this is a note on the message in WAST about the death of a prisoner of war. The cause of death ( TODESURSACHE) on the 2nd page:


GEHIRNGESCHWULST – a brain tumor.

According to the directory for adm. division of the Penza region in April 1939. In the Bolshe-Kozlesky s/s there were 3 settlements: the village of God, the village of New Kozleika and P. Zavadovka.

 and rifles: varieties, purpose and features of choice The Internet magazine Photo-all the information about the systems of fixing the exploits. Articles and materials for those who are fond of extreme sports and lead an active lifestylePneumatic rifles: varieties, purpose and features of choice

Pneumatics (or, as it is sometimes called, just air) differs from both the design and the ammunition used. Energy of the projectile in pneumatics is reported by compressed air (gas), and its power is usually lower than that of firearms. Theoretically, the limits of the power of pneumatic weapons do not exist, and in the 19th century it was even considered as a possible alternative to the traditional one.

compression models

In practice, the power of sports and entertainment varieties should not exceed 3 J so that the weapon fits into the characteristics permitted by law, within the framework of which licensing is not required.

Hunting weapons can reach a level of 25 J and is a serious power. Special lead or copper bullets, and sometimes plastic bullets with a steel core, can be used as ammunition.

  • The purpose of use
  • Entertainment. Many people prefer, traveling out of town or nature, to train accuracy, shooting at paper targets, glasses with water or tin. This shooting is also called plinking and is common among thrill lovers.
  • Sport. There are many enthusiasts of sports firing who honing skill and achieve impressive results. As a rule, all parameters of sports pneumatics are strictly regulated and it is worth choosing only from models allowed for this sport.
  • Self -defense. This is a rather rare purpose of pneumatic weapons, but if you live in the area distant from people, or you are used to taking care of your own safety, such a rifle can be by the way. It is worth remembering that pneumatics can seriously hurt, and even frighten almost any person – more than real.
  • Hunting.The most powerful rifles, which may require a license, are used for hunting birds or small animals, and they are also often used to shoot crows.

 (Multi-Pump Airguns, Single-Pump Airguns) A pump is used to shoot, with which air is pumped into the compressor. The pumping is carried out by the lever that drives the shooter itself. Benjamin and SROSMAN are considered popular manufacturers of such weapons. Such rifles have no return, they are quiet, they can be removed from the platoon without shots and keep cocked for a long time. The rifles of this species need to be very careful, carefully careful and regularly prevented.

The law of the Russian Federation limits the free possession and shooting of pneumatic weapons with a muzzle energy of more than 3 J, and therefore the use of pneumatics for hunting is somewhat limited.

  • You can buy (by issuing a license in the LRO) hunting pneumatic weapons of greater power and shoot in the season, with a ticket and a hunting license in the hunting area.
  • Classification of air rifles
  • It is customary to divide pneumatics into types depending on the caliber and design, as well as power. The latter must be chosen depending on the intended use of the rifle: for recreational plinking, special power is not required, and in order to enjoy the ability to punch through tin buckets, you will need a license (these models of rifles are usually more powerful than the authorized 3 J).
  • Bullets for airguns come in several calibers.
  • 4.5 mm – despite the fact that such bullets are classified as entertainment, with the advent of powerful rifles allowed for sale, hunters may well use them. One has only to remember that a distance of 50 m will be extremely effective;

5.5 mm – suitable for PCP rifles, maximum distances up to 70 m, good for hunting, but have limited use;

6.35 and 9 mm are also good for hunters, but this is a caliber that you can only use with a hunting license.

When choosing a pneumatic weapon, you need to remember that its main advantage is not power, but accuracy, which largely depends on the shape and mass of the bullets. For hunting, you will need heavy ones, such as Diana Rastat, and for long-range shooting, bullets from RWS, HH or Walther are suitable.

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