List of humorous programs in Russia and Ukraine: the most popular

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In this article you can see a list of humorous programs in Russia and Ukraine, which are the most popular today. These are a variety of comedy shows with the participation of Russian and Ukrainian pop stars, a selection of humorous scenes, sketches, monologues and performances that many people love.

List of humorous programs in Russia and Ukraine: the most popular

Life without humor is boring and monotonous. Everyone needs laughter and joy. For some, these are meetings with friends, for some, an evening with relatives, and someone likes to spend time alone, studying a list of humorous programs.

The fact remains that humor and laughter prolong life both spiritually and physically, and this has been proven by scientists. With humor in life, it is easier to overcome obstacles. But it's not really about that. This article will tell about the most popular humorous programs on television today, both Russian and Ukrainian.


Humor on Russian TV

Many Russians watch humorous programs on TNT. The list of the most popular programs is not very large. Among them are mainly those that were founded by people from KVN or Comedy Club.

The main such programs include: Comedy Club, HB, Stand Up, Comedy Battle and Our Russia. All these TV shows are still on TV and have high ratings. Let's look at each of them briefly.

comedy club

The program itself is a multi-part assembly, the releases of which are released weekly. In the show, you can find various forms of humor – satire, stand-up, miniature scenes, humorous songs and much more. Russian and not only pop stars are invited to the program, who also sometimes take part in humorous skits or dialogues.

list of comedy shows

The Comedy Club program first aired in 2005, on April 23. The first season included 52 issues. The history of the transfer began with rather primitive scenery, however, it was able to win the interest of many. The creators were the participants of the program, the producers were Garik Martirosyan and Artur Janebekyan. Of course, many more people with interesting ideas and ideas about the future of the show took part in the creation.

The basic team of this program consisted of such well-known artists as Garik Martirosyan, Pavel Snezhok Volya, Garik Bulldog Kharlamov, Timur Chestnut Batrutdinov, Roman Yunusov, Alexei Likhnitsky, Dmitry Lyusek Sorokin, Vadik Rambo Galygin, Timur Rodriguez, Max Perlov, Tair Mammadov, Yegor Alekseev and Artashes Sargsyan, host of the program. Later, in 2006, Alexander A Revva, Sergey Bessmertny and Alexander Nezlobin joined the team.

It is worth noting that, despite the many different shows, the best Russian humorous programs are on TNT today.It is the Comedy Club that manages the list of Russia.

The show is currently in its 11th season. Most of the pioneers remained in the show, Garik Martirosyan has been its host since the 6th season.

stand up

Also worth noting is the Stand Up show. The format of the show is a bit like the Comedy Club, but it is a more relaxed program, based on the genre of stand-up humor – a conversational genre, a monologue of one performer in front of a live audience, which highlights problems that are close to each person.

humorous programs on tnt list

The host of this show is Ruslan Bely. Each new release of the show is based on a certain storyline, new artists are invited to the program who can try their hand at the stage.

The show aired in 2013.

HB show

Another show, released in 2013, adds to the list of humorous programs – HB. The program was created according to the scenario of Javid Kurbanov, Alexander Onipko and Artem Sizykh.

humorous programs list of russia

This multi-part show consists of a variety of sketches with deputies, werewolves in uniform, cowboys, oil workers and much more, which are intertwined with real scenes from the life of Garik and Timur.

All the main roles in the show are played by Garik Kharlamov and Timur Batrutdinov. Also in the cast are Pavel Zubkov, Zlata Terekhova, Nikita Promsky, Elena Epikhina, Daria Smirnova, Evgenia Shipova, Ekaterina Berlinskaya and Vladimir Sychev.

Ukrainian humorous programs: list

Among the Ukrainian programs there are also some of the most popular and loved by everyone. The list of humorous programs in Ukraine is headed by Evening Quarter and Evening Kyiv. The creators of both programs are former members of the KVN team 95th quarter from Krivoy Rog. Today it is a separate team of professionals Studio Quarter 95.

Ukrainian humorous programs list

Evening Quarter positions the format of its show as intellectual humor. The program plays out many funny scenes from life, as well as politics, culture and much more. Many people learn about the latest news in the world thanks to the Evening Quarter. Stars are invited to the show, who take part in the numbers and then perform their songs on stage.

The format of Evening Kyiv is a little different. There are two presenters here – Vladimir Zelensky and Valery Zhidkov. Stars and people of various professions are invited to the studio, who took part in pranks, non-standard rigged situations, declarations of love and much more, which happened thanks to the Vecherny Kyiv team. The video is watched in the studio and discussed with the direct participants in the situations. There are many more surprises in the arsenal of this program, including well-known parodies of commercials, movies and video clips.

humorous tv shows

Another popular show on Ukrainian television is Laugh the Comedian. The list of Ukrainian humorous programs cannot exclude him. This show is open to everyone to try their hand.The meaning of the program is to come to the studio with prepared numbers and try to make two comedians laugh in one minute (Vladimir Zelensky remains the same member of the jury, and the second was Mikhail Galustyan and Yevgeny Koshevoy, depending on the season).

The host of the show was first Dmitry Shepelev, and after him became Viktor Vasiliev. It is the responsibility of the presenter to monitor the smiles of comedians and press the button if he notices a smile. If the comedians laugh in the first minute, the participants are given the next minute at their own risk, as well as the opportunity to collect the money or continue their attempt to win the main prize of the program.

Humorous programs on TV (list)

Thus, given the above, you can make a list of the main TV shows, and supplement it with other humorous shows that can be seen on the TV screen.

We present the top 10 most popular programs of Ukrainian and Russian television:

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